byFormica Ant Products

Wholesale Terms


Terry Miller, DBA byFormica Ant Products only offers BYFORMICA products for sale outside the United States in wholesale quantities to qualified retailers. If you are not a reseller, please visit any of our authorized dealers.

To place an order through our website, you will need to open a dealer account. If you are a qualified retailer, fill in the simple form and a customer service representative will review your information. Once approved, you can begin placing orders immediately. All online accounts are approved during business hours by a customer service representative. If you have a question about opening an online account, please email b2b [at]

Proposed orders placed through our website are subject to changes based on product availability and credit terms. Credit card payment is accepted through this website. If you are a current customer, your order will be processed per your previously established payment terms.


Use of any byFormica trademark or other intellectual property is governed by our Brand Guide.  By placing an order with us, you agree to the Terms and Conditions in the Brand Guide.

Our acceptance of a wholesale order does not authorize you to use the "Authorized Dealer" badge or to describe your retail establishment as an "Authorized Dealer." All dealers who procure products directly from us may use our trademarks and intellectual property as described in our Brand Guide unless otherwise instructed. However, only certain dealers are explicitly authorized by us to describe themselves as an "Authorized byFormica Dealer."  Authorized Dealers must maintain certain spend requirements and other commitments before being listed as an authorized dealer on our website and using the Authorized Dealer badge.


To place an order via email, inquire about existing orders, or receive additional information about our products, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Email: b2b [at]


Product must be ordered in minimum order quantities (cases) as specified when ordering on our website. For samples or less than case quantities, please contact us via email at b2b [at]


Net Terms: Net 30 to 90 days on approval of credit. We do not pre-approve terms without an order in house.

Consignment: We offer consignment sales to established and qualified retailers. Under this arrangement, you will be opening a revolving trade credit account with us. You agree:

  • To accept shipments of goods from us as your inventory is depleted
  • To report your inventory each month in order for us to invoice you for the goods you have sold or shipped
  • To pay any invoiced charges by the date due each month

Electronic funds transfer (ACH or wire transfer): For more information on ACH or wire transfer, please contact our Accounting Department at

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted and will be charged at time of shipment.

All prices/invoices are charged or invoiced in US Dollars and must be paid in US Dollars on this website.  We can also accept bank/wire transfers in other currencies such as Euro and British Pounds. Please contact us for more information.


Unless otherwise requested, out of stock items totaling $150.00 or more in value will be backordered and shipped using the same payment terms and shipping method as the original order without notice. Customers are responsible for canceling unwanted backorders. Back orders under $150 will be canceled. (This is in addition to the current policy of sent out and charged the same way as the original order).


Orders ship FOB Warner Robins, Georgia, United States via the shipping method specified. If we need to request information from the customs authority in your country before shipping certain commodities, the order may be delayed. We will notify you via email of any delay.

Customers may request a quote for freight charges. Spot quotes via FedEx may be significantly less expensive for larger orders. Requests for shipping quotations will delay processing time of your order.

Otherwise, freight charges are prepaid and added to your invoice. Excess shipping charges on prepaid orders will not be refunded. Please provide a valid email address and telephone number to receive shipping notifications and advance notice of duty and tax owed for your shipment. Shipping charges do not include Customs duties, taxes or fees incurred by the receiving country.

By submitting an order, you are agreeing that your business is open to receive your shipment Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

You are also acknowledging that if a shipment is returned to us, all shipping costs will be your responsibility, both to and from your business, and will be paid by you.

International customers are responsible for all shipping costs and any additional fees incurred if the shipment is returned to us.

There is a 15% restock fee for returned orders.


We cannot guarantee that our products can be sold on all online marketplaces or selling platforms. We do not accept returns. Please notify us immediately if you find any discrepancy with your order. Customers will be charged a 15% restocking fee plus freight for refused orders.