byFormica Ant Products

Sunburst Ant Nectar

from $15.00

  • Convenient and reliable alternative to homemade sugar and honey water mixtures
  • 100% clean, natural ingredients with no preservatives added - enjoyed by all sweet-loving ants
  • In addition to sugar, Sunburst supplies the perfect balance of electrolytes to stimulate appetite and promote natural feeding response
  • Bottled product remains fresh up to 6 months after opening, and no refrigeration is required
  • Feed alongside insects and a variety of other natural foods for a nutritionally complete diet

Overview: Sunburst Ant Nectar is the convenient, reliable sugar water alternative for ants. Ant species that crave sweet foods will readily drink Sunburst Ant Nectar. Our advanced formula consists of a ready-to-use liquid, and works best with byFormica Liquid Feeders designed for ants (sold separately).

Convenience in a Bottle - Unlike homemade liquids which spoil quickly, each bottle of Sunburst Ant Nectar may be enjoyed for up to 6 months after opening. Refrigeration is not required, but may extend product life.

Clean, Wholesome Ingredients - Each 100% natural ingredient in Sunburst is tested and guaranteed ant-safe. Advanced filtration removes impurities, so only pure sweetness remains.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Sunburst perfects the ratio of sugar, water, and electrolytes for maximum receptivity among all ants that enjoy sugary liquids. If your ants do not readily accept Sunburst, contact us within 1 year of purchase for a full refund (limit 1 refund per customer).

How to use: To observe vigorous feeding activity, offer as much as your ants can consume within a few hours, every 2 to 3 days. For best results, remove and replace uneaten liquid every 3 to 5 days. Users may observe less vigorous feeding activity if food is available at all times. When using Sunburst, do not feed other sweetened foods such as sugar water or honey; these are redundant.