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7 Years Making

September 1, 2014, I announced the first byFormica products for sale on Amazon in the United States, including the first 3D-printed liquid feeder in the now ubiquitous style imitated by ant shops worldwide.

In March, 2015, I pioneered the first liquid feeder style in which ants would feed upside down through a mesh screen. This novel mechanism would later be implemented in the current byFormica Mega Liquid feeders, as well as future designs.

In June, 2015, I completed the initial development for Sunburst Ant Nectar, a liquid sugar solution made for ant keepers who had difficulty reliably preparing or feeding their ants carbohydrates. Based on the amount of Sunburst shipped since that time, it is likely that Sunburst has satiated the appetites of billions and billions of ants around the world.

Little did I know that after seven years, byFormica liquid feeders would be relied upon and loved by tens of thousands of ant keepers around the world. I am greatly humbled and sincerely grateful to everyone who has trusted byFormica products in their ant keeping journey. I look forward to sharing more cool products with you all in the months and years to come!


In solidarity,

Terry Miller
byFormica Ant Products

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