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Sunburst Ant Nectar V2.2 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce some small changes to Sunburst that we hope will improve the user experience for our customers.

The below changes affect Sunburst with a Best By date of 08/16/2023 and later. Please note that it may take some time for your local byFormica dealer to stock the new version.

Process Changes

We have modified our manufacturing process and ingredients slightly for an improved shelf life.

Note: the resulting product may be slightly lighter in color. The color of Sunburst will naturally change over time, and slight changes do not indicate the product strength or quality has changed.

Pharmacological Changes

We have added a trace amount of caffeine, which may enhance the ability of ants to recall the location of Sunburst and more positively associate the odor of Sunburst as a reward.

Caffeine is a natural substance and has a longstanding beneficial association with pollinators such as bees. Low concentrations of caffeine are present in many types of floral nectar. While ants are frequently observed tending the nectar of citrus and other plant flowers, the relationship between ants and caffeine is less well documented.

Safety First

Some ant keepers have the misconception that caffeine is dangerous for insects at any concentration. While it is true that plants use caffeine as a toxic defense against herbivores, the drug is also found in much lower concentrations in both intra- and extrafloral nectar.

In caffeine, evolution has created a drug that, at higher concentrations, acts to defend the plant against animals who might destroy it, while simultaneously acting at lower concentrations as a reward for pollinators and others who would aid in the plant's reproductive success.

Our decision to add this drug to Sunburst follows vigorous research and in vivo trials demonstrating that, at the given concentration, it will enhance the user experience and is safe for use across the full range of commonly kept Nearctic ant species.

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